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What triggers mental health problems in men?

Updated: May 19, 2020

One way of keeping an eye on the blokes around us is to know more about what can trigger mental health disorders in men. It's important to know what sorts of things can lead to someone suffering because it means we have an opportunity to check-in with our mates. Not just in a "how's it goin' mate" kind of way, but instead, in a more focused way:

"hey, I hear you lost your job, that must be really tough, tell me what's going on".

So what are some of the common things to be aware of in terms of their impact on men. This list isn't exhaustive, but it does provide some of the major triggers of mental health struggles in men.

  • physical injuries

  • relationship difficulties and conflict

  • major life changes (like becoming a Dad)

  • problems at work

  • unemployment, especially if it lasts a long time

  • redundancy

  • retirement

  • financial problems

  • not having close friends to talk to

  • divorce and separation from your children

  • difficulties with drugs and alcohol

We hear it all too often when it comes to men taking their own lives. Everybody thought that a mate, father, brother, or colleague was doing fine. Then, there's the sudden realisation that maybe things weren't fine. Maybe they were experiencing mental health struggles but managed to hide it really well. Maybe what seemed like a 'typical blokes' behaviour (excessive drinking and aggression) was actually a sign of something much bigger.

Remember, you can't always make someone talk to you, but there's always an opportunity to at least ask someone if they're struggling. After all, there's that common saying: "You only ever regret the things you didn't do"

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